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Welcome to the new home of everything to do with the property market in Dubai.

We aim to bring you the latest news and insight in Dubai real estate and project development with a look at the latest research, construction updates, regulation developments and a focus on some of the most impressive towers in the Emirate.

Dubai remains one of the leading property investment markets in the Middle East and is at the forefront of some the greatest architectural design anywhere in the world. Amazing things happen and fast. We are very proud of our city and take pride in the investments to build a globally-recognised metropolitan city that welcomes all cultures.

We launch this blog at a time when the real estate market in Dubai is showing a return to its heyday, with occupancy and real estate valuations rising month by month. While there is a longer-term and more pragmatic view to the growth of property valuations, investors are recognising the inherent value in Dubai property investment.

We hope to pick out some of those opportunities, assess the market and see where we can start or grow our real estate portfolio.

We look forward to sharing with you our thoughts and hope that the blog can generate a lot of conversation in the coming weeks and months. You can email us with your comments and we will share as many as possible.

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